Korean Winter Fashion Styles You Need in Your Closet

Korean Winter Fashion Styles You Need

It’s never too late to start prepping for winter closet essentials. For us, we’re heavily influenced by Korean winter styles, so we like to incorporate their most popular Kpop fashion styles into our own wardrobe whenever we can. If you’re also like us, you’re looking to add Korean winter clothes into your closet to wear this coming season. Look no further! Today we’re giving you a comprehensive guide on the trendiest Korean winter style, where to cop it and more! Stay updated on the latest Korean fashion and what pieces you absolutely need. Check out our list of the Korean Winter Fashion Styles You Need in Your Closet right now!


Turtle Necks

Turtle necks are such a staple in a Korean Winter outfit. As we know, Koreans tend to dress more modestly, and covering up the chest and midriff is extremely common. This conservative nature of dressing has allowed for pieces like the turtleneck to be very popular amongst women. Turtle necks are rather versatile due to their basic nature and can be dressed up or down depending on the look you’re going for. You can wear it as is, or choose to layer with it. The use of overalls or spaghetti strap blouses worn over a turtle neck has been a popular and youthful Korean fashion for winter. Layering allows for dimension in your outfit and is an easy way to create interest effortlessly. Alternatively, long trench coats worn with a simple turtle neck top underneath have been popularized through K-drama fashion styles. The versatility of a turtle neck top is a very popular winter fashion choice in Korea. Try your hand at mixing and matching some turtle neck tops for your next Korean winter outfit.

Sleek Trench Coats

The epitome of Korean winter fashion can easily be summed up to a single piece of clothing: the trench coat. Often seen amongst the trendy and youthful, a classic outerwear trench coat is one of the most common and popular looks you’ll find in Korean winter fashion. Often shapeless and long, this structured and tailored outerwear can be rocked by both men and women due to their genderless form and shape. They’re often accompanied with a large lapel, their coats usually reach just above knee level. Sometimes they come with a waist belt to fasten for shape, but it’s more common amongst women. The sleek trench coat is a must have for your Korean street fashion winter wardrobe as it will not only keep you warm during the winter, but it will also have you looking trendy and fashionable all season long.

Winter Skirts

While we know Korean fashion adores skirts, we find that they are still willing to wear it throughout the winter – with a few modifications. Their winter plaid skirts tend to be a little thicker and longer. In this photo, you can see the model rocking a fleece lined tennis skirt, Macchiato slit skirt. This style of skirt is very popular amongst Koreans and can be seen often during the Spring and Summertime. However, by modifying the material, the skirt is more appropriate for the wintertime due to the added warmth of the material. Often skirts are worn with tights or thigh-high socks and boots to ensure the maximum warmth possible for their exposed legs! In addition to that, a chunky or thicker sweater and top are worn in accompaniment for a balanced and warmer winter outfit. The desire to make a skirt work in the winter time is solely up to the warmer items you choose to pair with it. Remember that layering is key when it comes to Korean winter fashion, and even pieces that might be catered to the spring or summer can be modified, as with the case of skirts here.

Matching sets

The Koreans love their matching sets. Whether it’s with a top and bottom, a best friend or a lover, matching sets are such a staple. This still rings true for Korean winter outfits! A matching set is often a way to look more put together while doing so effortlessly. Coordinating one’s outfit can also bring forth a sense of youthfulness as well. When creating a matching set, you are not limited to the pieces you want to play around with. You can match your top and bottom on the most basic of terms, or you can go all out and add on matching bags, hats, jewelry and so on. Try to find a common theme or colorway when creating your matching set this winter. The model in this photo can be seen wearing the common colorway of white and pink. The pieces in the outfit are Honey Oversized Sweater and Parfait Zip Up Tank which are inspired by the varsity style, and this can be seen throughout the theme of the outfit. If you’re up for it, try getting a friend to join you on coordinating your outfit for your next cafe date! The varsity top and sweater can be found in both white/pink and black/white that you and a bestie can match with.

Chunky Scarves

Are you really rocking Korean winter fashion if you don’t have a chunky scarf with your Korean winter outfit? A staple that is often seen in Korean winter fashion is the chunky scarf, often fluffy and made from wool material. The chunky scarf is usually draped over the classic outerwear trench coat and can be a statement piece depending on how much attention you want to bring forth with it. Some Koreans use it as a focal point and take the opportunity to match their outfit with a bright colored scarf or a loud print. Others incorporate it into their outfit for a more subtle but sophisticated Korean winter style.

Korean winter fashion scarf and oversized jacketFor more inspiration on building your dream Korean winter style closet, don’t forget to check our Lychee the Label and their latest collection on Korean fashion.

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