Best plain lines hairstyles without braids for natural hair

Plain cornrows hairstyles are one of the most protective and minimally maintained natural hairstyles. They sit near the scalp and may take on various forms based on the appearance you want to achieve.

Protective hairstyles are vital because, in addition to providing a flawless beautiful appearance, they preserve your hair ends concealed and protected from severe damaging forces. They also help to preserve hydration, maintain length, and keep the edges from weakening.

Plain lines hairstyles for ladies to try

Simple braided hairstyles require a particular skill to braid hair near the scalp to develop exciting designs and gorgeous styles. The plain line hairdos might be basic, natural, traditional, modern, attractive, huge, tiny, or any other hairstyle of your desire. So, which is the best hairstyle to plait with natural hair?

1. High bun

Plaited updos are beautiful and refined while remaining fun, and they’re adaptable and full of flavour, allowing any woman to express herself. This style starts with cornrows and progresses to a big, plaited bun. High-top knots like this one are elegant and go with any attire. The style looks good on school-going kids.

2. Headband flat twist updo

It’s one of the latest plain lines hairstyles. Split your locks on the side and twist the front pieces into a super-feminine Bohemian plait to achieve the style. The hairdo is simple to create at home and requires no additional tools. It’s an excellent approach to swiftly pull your mane into a protective hairstyle before undoing it.

3. Chunky twist updo

Simply because you have short locks does not mean you are without options. Chunkier twists enable you to accomplish a textured updo, even if your mane is too short to pull into a ponytail or bun. Surface accents or an ombre will help add contrast and texture to voluminous natural hair.

4. Ponytail

Cornrows in a ponytail are a functional and attractive hairdo. The ponytail is simple to assemble, and you can wear it low or high, based on your taste and hair length. Keeping your locks away from your forehead and off your neck can be appealing and draw attention to your features. It’s also an excellent alternative for summertime or warmer locations because it keeps you cool.

5. Love heart design

Hair stylists have grown highly inventive. Natural African hair can be used to produce flowers. This look is ideal for the summer vacation. Aside from being stunning, it will make your youngster the topic of conversation at the estate.

6. Criss-cross style

These simple plain lines hairstyles are great when you need to rejuvenate your tresses or go swimming and cannot maintain styling them daily. These braids are easy to style and take little time. They look good on all facial shapes.

7. Four plain line

The typical African braided appearance consists of four cornrows. While you can plait your locks back at a relative angle, a new twist is merely to braid the sides straight. The cornrows on your head should be placed at an acute angle to join the other braids.

With its geometric components, this cornrow technique provides a lot of aesthetic intrigue. It has a contemporary, Afro-punk feel while paying homage to classic cornrows.

8. Thin, laid-back cornrows

Thin cornrows spread tension over a broader scalp area, decreasing pressure between individual hair strands. It may assist in preserving the tresses from damage and breakage that result from pulling or styling them too hard. The style is appropriate for school kids.

9. Low bun

A low elemental burn is suitable for a variety of events. It’s also less stressful than other braid hairdos because you don’t have to be concerned about it falling in your face. It can be fashioned with a trend or as a basic all-black look. The look is appropriate for both informal and formal looks.

10. Mohawk

Mohawk cornrow lines are an excellent method to make a big statement with your hairstyle. Though there are numerous variations on this too-cool appearance, they all share the same basis: vertical lines on the sides, followed by an upward-twisted plait in the centre to achieve the mohawk effect.

11. Simple straight back lines

Sure, cornrows can be used to create various creative designs, but those plain straight-back plaits should be noticed. With a few thick segments, you’re guaranteed to take over the show. The simple style goes well with gentle, bold, appealing looks, so you’ll have plenty of options.

12. Side-swept style

Side cornrow hairstyles, like Beyonce’s lemonade locks, are trendy, fashionable, and versatile. Plait the sides of the head for a stunning undercut, or incorporate the smaller cornrows to the thicker. In any case, the variety of this braided hairdo will astound you.

13. Beaded lines

Cornrows originated in Africa and have historically been adorned with beads and shells. Decorating your cornrows like this shows the globe that you’re connected to your roots and proud of it.

If the appearance isn’t visually appealing enough, shape it into an updo. Styles with beads are appropriate for all informal occasions.

14. Curvy lines

This look is all about the details. The lines continue to run front to back, but the sections bend in the same direction and are nearly identical in size. The whole appearance comes together in a well-balanced look.

Plain lines hairstyles without braids are protective hairstyles plaited near the scalp. These protective hairstyles are vital because, in addition to providing a flawless beautiful appearance, they preserve your hair ends concealed and protected from severe damaging forces.

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