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American comic and actor

Beetlejuice is an American comic and actor who has a internet really worth of $2 hundred thousand. He is nice regarded for being a common guest at the Howard Stern display.

He first appeared at the Stern show in July 1999 with a fellow dwarf who turned into promoting a dwarf tossing business. Stern at once identified Bettlejuice’s specialty and might later name him a “as soon as in an entire life visitor.” Over the ensuing a long time, he has made dozens of appearances on the show. Beetlejuice’s appearances had been both lauded and criticized. some locate him hilarious, at the same time as others consider he is exploited via the display.


Net Worth$200 Thousand
BirthdateJun 2, 1968 (55 years old)
BirthplaceJersey City
Height4 ft 2 in (1.29 m)
ProfessionComedian, Actor
NationalityUnited States of America

Childhood & Condition

Beetlejuice changed into born Lester inexperienced on June 2, 1968, in Brown turbines, New Jersey. he is the second youngest of six children. He was raised in Jersey city, New Jersey. Lester changed into born with dwarfism and a situation referred to as microcephaly.

Microcephaly is a birth disorder wherein a toddler’s head is considerably smaller than expected for their age and intercourse. This smaller head length is usually a signal that the toddler’s brain hasn’t advanced well. Microcephaly can stand up from various factors, inclusive of genetic conditions, infections at some stage in being pregnant (like Zika virus), alcohol or drug publicity inside the womb, and chromosomal abnormalities. The severity of the results varies depending on the purpose and the diploma of mind improvement impairment. a few children won’t enjoy any developmental delays, while others can also have:

Intellectual Disability: this will range from slight to intense and affect mastering, reminiscence, and trouble-fixing abilties.

Developmental delays: these can include delays in achieving milestones like speaking, sitting, or walking.

Howard Stern show

At some point within the 1990s, Beetlejuice became recruited by means of a promoter/supervisor named Sean Rooney to sign up for his dwarf tossing commercial enterprise. On July 14, 1999, Rooney arranged for Beetlejuice and any other of his performers to appear on the Howard Stern display. Howard right away knew Beetlejuice was a special guest, and he would cross directly to make ordinary appearances at the display. In January 2000, Howard changed into set to get hold of an honorary award at the 17th AVN Awards display in Las Vegas. Stern despatched Beetlejuice to just accept the award in his region. Beetle made a famously rambling recognition speech and needed to be pulled off the level.

Beetlejuice regarded on Stern pretty often between 2000 and 2016. He did now not appear on the display for five years, among 2016 and February 2021.

Different Media Appearances

Capitalizing on his Howard Stern reputation, Beetlejuice has made a number of appearances in numerous mainstream films and tv suggests. In 2001, he regarded inside the movies “frightening film 2” and “Bubble Boy.” That identical 12 months, he appeared on the Howard Stern-produced television display “Son of the beach.” In 2002, he regarded in the music video for rapper N.O.R.E’s song “Grimey.”

Beetle has participated in a number of novice boxing matches and had a 5-episode fact tv show known as “that is Beetle,” which aired on Howard television. Beetlejuice become imagined to have a cameo within the 2009 movie “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen,” but seemingly misplaced the role when director Michael Bay became annoyed by his difficulties.

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